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Kelly and Chance

Hello, my name is Kelly Edmondson. My husband, Chance, and I have been married for 23 years and have two wonderful kids, Ashley 22 and Chris 19.   We are the owners of Walk N Express, a small Tennessee Walking Horse breeding facility located in Wildomar, Ca.  

It is 1 acres of flat and mountainous land, located SE of Los Angeles. There are a lot of streets so, fortunately for us, our horses are used to all kinds of noises. Cars, dogs barking, trees blowing, bicycles, trash cans and lots of distractions.

Being in the area where we live, we are able to drive 45 min any direction and we can ride at the beach or at a nice trail riding area. Some of it is flat and some with hills. A mile and a half down the road we can trailer to Santa Rosa Plateau and ride for hours.

Here in Wildomar approximately 30% of the community is horse property, and the majority are trail riders. We have a lot of Quarter Horse people around this area so they like to do sorting, cutting, reining, team penning, showing etc. A group of girls will get together once or twice a week and we will go for a ride. Otherwise I ride by myself or with my husband.

I have loved horses from the time I was very young. My grandmother knew how much I loved horses. My grandmother and grandfather bought some land in Nuevo Ca and they bought me my first horse when I was 16 yrs old. Her name was Dolly, she was a Morgan…Well, lets just say I was hooked.  I was ecstatic when introduced to the Tennessee Walker. Calm, willing and docile but with some get up and go.


Our son, Chris, who  is a big
help around the barns.=>

Kinda of a funny story how I got introduced to the Walker. Before that, I was one of the Quarter Horse people. My friends and I would go to Taco Tuesday through the riverbed to an eating place and they always rode gaited horses, so I would always have to borrow a horse to go. Well, they say once you ride a Walker you are hooked.

I decided I needed my own Tennessee Walker for Taco Tuesday night, and that is how I got my first Tennessee Walking Horse,  Cowboy -  a 15.3 hand black tobiano. Loved him. I rode him everywhere. He went to a good home in Hawaii. So a big THANK YOU to Eileen, Julie and Deanna for helping me find the wonderful Tennessee Walkers.


I want to give a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to my husband Chance who helps me around the yard and with my horses.

Chance begins the imprinting process on newborn foal, Duke.


Also my son, Chris who cleans up after them every morning and night. That is my staff. 

I have always thought horses are the most beautiful animals to watch. When you see them running free with their manes and tails flying in the wind and they are jumping and playing. To see the foals at their mothers side. There is nothing more beautiful to watch.

Our daughter Ashley missed the birth because of work,
but came to see Duke right after he was born.

I thought owning horses was a dream that could never be reached. WOW, how amazing.... I get to live my dream everyday.  I am so thankful to my husband Chance for making my dream come true.

Kelly, and new foal, Duke.

Sit down and take a little time to browse around. We have lots of things to look at.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Last Updated: September 06, 2016