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Below are some of the comments of previous visitors to our site. 
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NAME:  Kat B
EMAIL:  n/a
COUNTRY:    United States
Thank you so much for all the time you took with me today regarding Duke. I talked to Mark on the phone and he's all excited. He isn't going to tell Vanessa!!! What! He said that the next time they are out here he'll just take her into the backyard and show her the horse. I'd kill him for not telling me, but then I love horses. He was happy on how Duke got his name as he is a John Wayne fan. He said if Duke didn't turn out for Vanessa he'd keep him for his own. I told him Duke would be too short for him and I'd buy him from him....:) I also told him how impressed I was with you, your layout and the horses. I told him you'd be a worthy person to know once he moved in. He said that he would like to meet you sometime and see your horses.....Amber listened to me and said "You always like the puppy dog horses." Yup, that's for sure. She did agree that with all the work you've already done with Duke it will only make her job easier. She then asked if I really got into the pen with a stud colt....Yeah, a really nice stud colt!!! Again thank you for all the time you spent talking to me. No doubt if anyone wanted a TWH I'd tell them to call you...See you Monday!!!!! Kat B
DATE:  March 21, 2009

NAME:  Bill and Beth
COUNTRY:    United States
Hi Kelly
We had a great time meeting Jewel and you. She is a wonderful little filly and you are doing a great job with her. Rest assured, when I get her  she won't lose any of her personality. She will become even more confident and willing to please each and every time we train. I am so looking forward to a long and lasting friendship with her. Beth and I kept talking all the way home how you are putting such a strong foundation on her and I will build her up from that. Again, thanks for being who you are and allowing us to get Jewel.
Bill and Beth...
DATE:  Jan 30, 2009

NAME:  Sue Wilson
COUNTRY:    United States
Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for the WARM hospitality yesterday.  It was such a pleasure to meet you and Moonwalker.  You have an envious lifestyle there.  (I got back to another foot of fresh snow, on top of the drifts that were already here. ) 

Thanks for the pictures of Moonwalker – that was great.


Sue Wilson

DATE:  Jan 25, 2009

NAME:  Deltona Gray
COUNTRY:    United States
Love the site...enjoyed looking at all the horses...your babies and stallion and the wonderful mares. Also enjoyed the family to see who I am talking at! I have put your link on my site. We are in NW Arkansas so if you ever get this way give us a holler or stop by!
Walk That Walk Ranch
Berryville, Ar
home of Soul King's Sun
DATE:  June 1, 2008

NAME:  Bansidhe Graphics
COUNTRY:    United Kingdom
COMMENTS:  Ok folks, here's your new, expanded website.  Love your stallion!. : )
Judy Handel
DATE:  May 21, 2008
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